Products Liability

Product liability claims are claims that arise out of the use of a product. This area of the law covers all types of products, from cars and heavy industrial equipment to ladders, chairs, toasters and toys. This area of the law is particularly important because Texas, like most states, imposes “strict liability” on product manufacturers and sellers for product defects that injure a third party. With the passage of Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Chapter 82, “manufacturers” and “sellers” of products can be held liable for a claimant’s injuries even if the injuries were not caused by the manufacturer or seller’s negligence.

Typical product liability claims include allegations of: 1) design defects (like the failure to put a safety guard on a piece of equipment); 2) manufacturing defects (like the failure of a component part due to fatigue); and 3) marketing defects (like the failure to provide adequate instructions/warn of foreseeable dangers).

Expert witnesses often play a key role in product-liability cases, and The Peavler Group has contacts with some of the best expert witnesses in their fields.

The Peavler Group attorneys are experienced in handling and trying product-liability lawsuits. The Peavler Group is prepared to use this experience to defend product manufacturers, distributors and sellers against all types of alleged product defects in all types of products. In addition, The Peavler Group has accepted, and will continue to accept, select plaintiff’s cases based on product liability theories.