Notable Results

Notable Cases

The Peavler Group has built its success on the belief that each case must be evaluated on its own merits, but within the overall landscape of the current litigation environment.  It is with this mindset that we aggressively pursue summary judgment and trial verdicts in weak liability cases.  Although some of these cases could be settled for an amount equal to or perhaps less than the cost of obtaining an outright win, procuring summary judgment and defense verdict after defense verdict sends a message to plaintiffs’ attorneys that TPG clients will not pay frivolous claims.  From the moment the file comes in, we begin preparing the case for summary judgment, and as a result we have an impressive list of cases in which we’ve persuaded judges to throw out cases without the need for a trial.  In addition, TPG explores all available avenues for its clients to escape liability, and it negotiates numerous non-suits and indemnity arrangements that release TPG clients from lawsuits without paying a penny in settlements or judgments.