Commercial Transportation

Commercial Transportation

Trucking accidents can result in serious injuries, extensive property damages, and death. Consequently, experienced attorneys are crucial to successfully and efficiently resolving accident litigation. The attorneys at The Peavler Group have substantial experience successfully defending trucking companies, truck drivers, and commercial carriers in accident litigation.

Generally, transportation accident litigation focuses on driver negligence, driver fatigue, failure to supervise and train drivers, driving under the influence, failure to inspect the vehicle, and various violations of transportation regulations and safety standards.  The attorneys at The Peavler Group have extensive experience defending against these claims, and are thoroughly versed in the intricacies of both the Texas Department of Transportation regulations and the Federal Motor Carrier Administration regulations, which are frequently at issue in cases of this nature.

Each transportation accident presents a unique factual situation, and our attorneys are dedicated to investigating each and every accident.  Our investigations utilize the expertise of accident investigators, medical experts, and engineers to determine the cause of the accident.  Frequently, our investigation into the facts of an accident reveal that even if the driver violated applicable trucking regulations, speed limits, or transportation laws, these violations are irrelevant to the actual cause of the accident and importantly, the driver’s and company’s liability.

In many accidents, another driver is responsible for causing the accident, and not the truck driver or the trucking company.  In these cases, the driver that caused the accident can be held at fault based on their proportionate responsibility.

If you or your company have been involved in a trucking accident, please contact the attorneys at The Peavler Group so we can help you today.